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We love to open up important conversations and explore contemporary world themes and issues… and we love to encourage each other to live fully and courageously. We believe that to impact and contribute to a world in need, we must first begin with our own transformation into the love of God. And we believe that it is the love of God that enables us to believe and lay hold of everything Jesus has won for us, with all our heart, mind, and body…

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Experience church in a unique way. Every Church Challenge event is live, raw and real. Typically lasting 3-5 days, we stream live into a private Facebook group and connect via Zoom and Streamyard, for a truly interactive experience. Join in the conversation and add your voice as we explore God’s heart for us, our families, our nation and our world. Watch on Facebook on join in the conversation, there’s a place for everybody no matter where you are at.

Crosby Panel
I feel something has shifted in my mind. I feel a genuine new sense that God cares about me and will always look after me which I wasn't feeling before. I am doing declarations in the shower about God's love for me. I do feel reassured that whatever pains and difficulties I have to go through The Lord will always be there for me. So thank you to all of you for your great teaching and faith.
Challenge Member
The message floored me then I got to hear 4 days of the workshops in a row and have a ton of notes as the Holy Spirit and Word revealed things to me. I'm formulating it all now, but it added a lot of missing pieces to my recovery puzzle...even Sun Tzus quotes about knowing your enemy, yourself or neither and how it affects the battles outcome. Recognizing and renouncing lies and replacing with truth...very powerful! I need to go reread my notes and get into prayer.
Challenge Member
I have really missed a Condensed Christian community. By this I mean the kind of community you find at a New Wine Conference, so one is emerged in encouraging, blessing, spiritual, learning, practical atmosphere where nearly everyone knows Jesus and its normal! So you get a spiritual battery charge that carries you through to the next to time. These sessions felt like a super boost to my spiritual batteries by being with, learning from and just hearing others who know and love Jesus. That what I loved.
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Experience church in a unique way. Every Church Challenge event is live, raw and real. Join in the conversation and add your voice as we explore God’s heart for us, our nation and our world together.

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Are you a Christian Ministry or Church Leader who would love to reach out more in the online space so you can impact more lives… Are you intentional about disciplining others or building a community… Do you value teaching, training and activating others… Then perhaps this could be your next, most exciting, venture? Why not join us as we learn how to work together as One Body and One Church.

We love to give passionate leaders a platform where they can connect powerfully and meaningfully with their audience. Our projects are open to Ministry and Church Leaders from all over the world. Our condition is that every partner and contributor, must be an unapologetic, Spirit-filled born again believer in Jesus Christ with a passion to reach out and serve others.

What is an online challenge?

A challenge is an online experience where we all go on a learning journey together. Typically lasting 3-5 days, we meet up LIVE for just 1-2 hours each session to explore topics and themes that impact our lives. Unlike an online course where you might explore ideas individually, we explore them together with space for live interaction and connection. Can’t join in live? Catch up on replay! FREE to join – why not give one a go? Sign up below.