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Launching or running a ministry can be hard. Most of us want to spend our time impacting and serving others as we mentor, teach and train. Very few revel in managing a website, battling the tech or enrolling in digital marketing courses. But in this day and age, that is exactly what’s needed to be able to effectively reach out and serve others. This is why we created this platform… designed for pioneering ministries that want to reach out in a digital age but without any tech-stress.

Increase your visibility

List your ministry

The beautiful thing about being part of a directory listing is that you can reach more people this way. Directories form one-stop places where people can see what’s happening fast and easily. Add your ministry listing and let us do the hard work in bringing people along. We’ve made it as simple as filling out a form.


Increased Visibility

Benefit from our SEO so you can be more easily found online

Connections made Easy

With links to your email, telephone, website and social media platforms

Abigail Trust Webpage

Build up your credibility

Your own branded webpage - automatically generated!

Once your ministry is listed in our directory, a beautifully crafted webpage will automated be generated for you! Created a webpage has never been this easy! Even if you already have your own website, you can benefit from a summary version with your very own Church Challenge webpage. With the ability for our website to directly link yours, this is a powerful tool for boosting your own website’s visibility on Google, as well as positioning yourself as a credible venture worth exploring. If you haven’t had the chance to create your own website, this will get you on the field of play fast without the expense, confusion or overwhelm. Say goodbye to hosting, maintenance and security worries, and hello to your own branded webpage that you can be proud and excited by.

All your Web Tech Sorted

No hosting, licences or web-worries to juggle

Build Credibility

Showcase your important information and events to build credibility fast

Showcase your authority

Love to write and publish your thoughts?

Included within our platform is the opportunity to publish your own articles and posts. Join the Church Challenge library and be part of a resource centre that also promotes your expertise and authority on a topic. As easy as filling in a form… your words beautifully laid out online, without you needing to invest in a separate blogging platform. Enable readers to immediate share your articles with friends on all the major social platforms out there… or in just a click, follow links so they can can connect with your ministry even more deeply.

Build Authority

Showcase your articles and expert knowledge

Easy Connection

Visitors can easily connect with you

Blog example

NB. All created content is under a shared ownership agreement belonging wholly to your ministry and Church Challenge LTD.

Crosby Panel

NB. All created content is under a shared ownership agreement belonging wholly to your ministry and Church Challenge LTD.

Speak, teach and share

Speaker & Video Interview Invitations

Do you love sharing revelation and knowledge as a speaker, teacher or trainer? Become a Church Challenge Partner Ministry and benefit from speaker invitations to join our online events as a contributor, key-note speaker or panelist. As well as the chance to connect with others in real-time, your ministry will be able to use any media we produce – from video interviews,  podcast audio files, to media you could use to create your own digital course. Our tech skills, your voice – together we can impact even more lives.

Teach & Encourage

Teach & showcase your authority, knowledge, insight and encouragement

Media Assets

Benefit from the shared media we create together that you can use elsewhere.

Access to all our Event recordings

Explore what other Ministries have done

Experience a Church Challenge event for free through our recordings. Explore what others have done and imagine what could be possible for your ministry.

Imagine what's possible

Experience a new way of collaborating & working online

Find partners & alliances

Easily connect with other like-minded organisations

Next level...?

Church Challenge Shop Demo

Have a product or book to sell?

Leverage the Church Challenge Shop

If you have products that relate to our events or themes, we can add it to our shopfront. Why not leverage our shopfront to sell a product or book with our support included?


The opportunity to sell your own products online

Passive Income

The potential to bring in passive income

PLUS Additional Resources

The Pioneers Vault

From trainings on Facebook Ads, running your own Challenge event, and encouragement on the pioneers journey, our vault contains inspirational and practical help so you can reach out further with greater confidence and ease.

Explore our Resources

Designed to help you think through what's important and discard what's not

Blog example

NB. All created content is under a shared ownership agreement belonging wholly to your ministry and Church Challenge LTD.

Challenge Consultancy & Support

Run Your Own Event

If you need support in running your first challenge event, we can help you create one in partnership with us. Leverage our challenge group, listings, ability to promote and challenge framework know-how, but brand and host your event your way. With over a 100 factors to consider when running your own challenge event, we make it easy by doing the heavy-lifting for you.


Step into Digital Events

Create your own event landing page and make it real with our tech

Event Consultancy & Support

Leverage our experience and know-how, and level-up your outreach skill set

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