The 5-Day Healed Heart Challenge

This is the digital course version of our LIVE Healed Heart Challenge Event

About Course

God has something more for you... He's going to heal your heart and show you His. Our LIVE Healed Heart Challenge Event fused together teaching, training, coaching and community. Led by an International team of Ministry and Church Leaders, each with decades of experience and a readiness to encourage and bless you on your journey into greater intimacy with God... This course comprises of recordings of this LIVE event.
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Course Curriculum

Healed Heart Session 1 Overcoming Fear

  • Overcoming Fear
  • Backstage Pass
  • Day 1 Assignment

Healed Heart Session 2 How to Heal a Broken Heart

Healed Heart Session 3 How to Restore a Tired Heart

Healed Heart Session 4 How to Fill a Lonely Heart

Healed Heart Session 5 How to Invigorate a Hopeless Heart

BONUS Session 6 Holy Week Walkthrough

BONUS Session 7 New Heart, New Love, New Life

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What I will learn?

  • How to overcome a fearful heart
  • How to heal a broken heart
  • How to restore a tired heart
  • How to fill a lonely heart
  • How to invigorate a hopeless heart

Who is this for?

  • For believers who are seeking greater intimacy with God and sense of restoration for the new season ahead...
  • Do you sense that there's a new chapter ahead of you... 
  • Do you hear the call to prepare and get ready...
  • Do you dream of living life to the full and of stepping into everything God has set aside for you... 

What's Included

  • Assignments and activations
  • PDF Downloads

Length of Course

  • 13 lessons containing teaching, training, conversations and stories
Categories Healing

Hear stories from

Real & raw lives that have walked with God...

James Bierbrauer

Entrepreneur and Founder of Blueprints Academy, James works as a Calling Facilitator, Prophetic Business Consultant, Kingdom Coach & Cornerman and Breakthrough Accelerator.

Priscilla Smith

Priscilla has been involved in the Bethel SOZO Inner Healing Ministry for twelve years and now mentors others. She has developed the Big Green Heart ministry, an aid that enable people to identify and release the roots of emotional trauma in their lives.

James Simister

James currently works for All Saints & St Andrew's Church in Huntington, York, as the Youth & Pioneer Leader. Part of this involves leading 'Presence', which is a brand new online church community on Facebook.

Lisa Dimmitt

Lisa Dimmitt is the founder and director of Essence Ministries which makes the prophetic accessible to every believer. She also led the Prophetic Ministry at St. Michael le Belfrey in York from 2012-2015. She is also a worship leader and has been involved in ministry and missions for over 27 years in over 20 nations.

John Barnett

John Barnett is a Jewish believer in Jesus. He read Theology at Oxford University. For the last 30 years he has taught on how to study the Bible from a Hebrew perspective. He runs Abigail Trust which works to help believers understand how Jesus and His disciples read, studied and understood the Bible.

Paul Myers

Paul is currently serving on the staff at St Michael le Belfrey as the Parish Evangelist. After a series of broken marriages , a severe addiction and a complete loss of hope and purpose, he then had an undeniable encounter with Jesus Christ.

Karen Fowler

Karen worships at Holy Trinity, Ripon and is part of the Northern Prophetic School of Supernatural Ministry. She is also a designer and artist and loves to communicate God's word creatively through prophetic artworks.

Liz Gibson

A member of the Belfrey York for the last fifteen years, Liz has been part of the prayer ministry teams and Belfrey group leader. Nine years ago Liz became involved with Freedom in Christ Ministry and more recently heads up SOZO Ministry at York House of Prayer.

Kerstin Wandel

Kerstin is a teacher, communicator and author who loves making complicated things simple and accessible. She was staff at St Michael le Belfrey and was the director of the prophetic ministry from 2015-2017. Now Kerstin heads up the training department of Essence Ministries.

Rev. Andrew Gready

Andrew is the vicar of Clifton Parish in York. He has been involved in church planting, building redevelopment, community renewal and in international outreach, and is committed to building community, to making the Church accessible for all, and to issues of social justice.

Jo Parkins

Jo has been involved in church life for 20 years. Jo is a stay at home mum who lives with chronic fatigue, and is passionate about using her prophetic gift to speak deep into hearts to bring God’s love to places of pain. She has served in many places on prayer teams and prophecy teams over the years.

Tony Bower

Tony is the EO for YoYo Trust (York Schools and Youth Trust). He has considerable experience in working in both primary and secondary schools as a part of his previous work with NISCU (Northern Inter-schools Christian Union). He is also a published author.

Claire Bower

Claire is a part time primary teacher and has a passion for serving the Lord and for evangelism. She is also the Children’s and Families worker for Clifton Parish Churches.

Mits Griffin (Your Host)

Mits is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. She loves to pioneer digital spaces where ministry leaders can share their message authentically and powerfully.


2 Bonus Sessions...

Think you know the easter story?

LIVE 10am Saturday 3rd April
John Barnett (Messianic Jew) explains what really happened in Holy Week and why it matters.

A new heart, a new love, a new life

LIVE 7pm Saturday 3rd April
A celebratory final session that unpacks the heart of the gospel with a special invitation...

Going deeper into intimacy with God...