Believer it is Time to take control and have dominion over your finances ...



Join Us For The Debt Mastery 3-Day Challenge With Kingdom Debt-Eliminator Bola Olajide
To Discover The Kingdom Keys To Freedom Over Your Finances and
How To Use Biblical Principles To Navigate The Current Cost Of Living Crisis

As Kingdom Citizens, we are meant to be the ‘head’ and not the ‘tail’. We are to be prosperous in all we do and not be burdened by the cares of the world. 2 Corinthians 9: 8 states “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work”. 

Are You READY To Be Blessed Abundantly?

Starting 16th November For 3 Days and For ONLY £7 (Value £397) We Are Going To Show You
The Kingdom Keys To Debt Elimination and Prosperity As A Kingdom Citizen. 

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There is a crisis that has been bubbling in the background that has been brought to the forefront by the War in Ukraine and the increasing cost of living. What is it you may ask? It is the Debt Plandemic.
The plan by financial institutions to keep people in debt and as such bond servants to them.

In order to break free from their clutches, it is important to understand the crisis that we are in.


Who's to blame?

Like it or not, we have to take some responsibility for the state of our finances.

We are where we are not intentionally, but through misinformation that we have been fed by the world system. An understanding of how we got to where we are, helps us to avoid a repeat of the same or similar decisions in the future.


We serve a loving and faithful father, and the good news is, we can get out of debt.

He has given us Kingdom principles that lead to His promised prosperity for us, and in the 3-Day challenge you are going to learn the Kingdom Keys to freedom over your finances. Learn how to eliminate your debts once and for all and start to build wealth the Kingdom way!

TIME SENSITIVE: In this 3-DAY Debt Mastery challenge you will get LIVE INSIGHTS & TRAINING from Bola Olajide starting on Weds 16th Nov 2022.


The 3-Day Debt Mastery Challenge

This Challenge will give you clarity on the freedom that you’ve been looking for in the area of your finances. 

The Challenge will address how not to manage debt, but how to eliminate and prevent it the Kingdom way!

For BELIEVERS who are ready to learn DEBT MASTERY

We are in a sliver of time where we need to pay off debt and get out of the world system for handling finances, and the Lord is going to supernaturally help those who will make that decision now. 

A time is going to come when it will be a challenge to pay the debt off because a choice will have to be made between bowing down to the world system or losing our jobs” 

It is time to start to look for our work (what God has created us to do) because that will never be lost. 

The gifts and calling of God is without Him changing His mind!

Meet your mentor

Bola Olajide

Bio: Bola is a husband, father, author, speaker, Kingdom Financial Educator, and coach. 

For over a decade, Bola has helped individuals and families gain revelation to break free from debt spiritually, psychologically, and physically.  

“The defining moment on my journey to financial freedom happened sometime in 2007 when on a Sunday morning, on the way to Church, my wife tried to get money out of the cashpoint machine for offering and the notification on the screen showed insufficient funds!!! we had an £8,000 overdraft wiped out and it was not the end of the month yet.

My wife and I got ourselves in a significant mess when it came to our finances (well mostly me), we had 100% mortgages, credit card debts, car debts, student loans, personal loans and we lived on a monthly overdraft of £8,000, and £0 in savings. In essence, we did not really have a pound that we could say was ours, we were basically living on debt, on money that did not belong to us, even though we had good jobs, we were not working for our companies, but for the companies we owed money to, we were enslaved to debt. This all happened due to a lack of knowledge.

We started educating ourselves on exactly what God says about money, debt, and being financially savvy. Putting a plan together to get out of debt was our first major step, I now dedicate my life’s work to getting others out of Debt.”

Bola Olajide
Oberhiri and Abdul

Meet your co-hosts

Oberhiri & Abdul

About Oberhiri: Oberhiri Atori has fourteen years experience in the financial services industry. She is a graduate with a BSc degree in Computer Studies from Southbank University. Her career started in the financial services in London, UK. She has recently stepped out to pursue her Kingdom Calling as a Soloist. 

About Abdul: A member of St Philips church in Sheffield, Abdulmalik has been journeying with God from a very young age. Outside of his day job as an IP Attorney, he is actively helping Kingdom Entrepreneurs step into their calling and purpose in the online arena.

"Don’t miss this…"

If you are ready to tap into the Wealth of the Kingdom and be FREE of the burden of Debt then you simply can’t afford to miss this challenge…

In need of Real & Lasting Transformation? Hear what others have said about working with Bola ...

Before meeting Bola, our finances were ok, but we didn’t pay much attention to them. We just let it all tick along with no real structure or plan. It was quite unorganised with very little thought for the long term, just working to our month-to-month income and outgoings. Bola was absolutely fantastic as a financial coach. He completely changed our perception of finances and helped us to completely shift our thinking, not only helping us to see what was possible for our family’s financial future but also guiding us in building practical steps and a sound plan to work towards realising that potential. Bola is both extremely knowledgeable and a great guy who is very easy to talk to and work with. Since Bola has helped us, we feel that we have built a sound foundation to build our financial future on. And that has enabled us to set exciting goals that we can now see are achievable and have a plan we are following to reach those goals. We also assess our finances regularly which we never used to do. This has made a huge difference to us and is something that Bola encouraged us to do providing us with materials to use. We have paid off a lot of debt, changed our mortgage arrangements and are now prepared for unforeseen financial costs and because of all this, we now feel in control, secure and excited about our finances rather than avoiding thinking about it in any real depth. And that’s all thanks to Bola.
James & Rosie
To be honest my finances were not too bad however I didn’t have a handle on my expenditure or indeed the totality of my income. I didn’t have a SMART plan in place to clear my debt although that’s what I wanted. Bola is extremely knowledgeable, professional yet personable and having gone through the journey before himself; he is very relatable and provides genuine guidance so you can make an informed choice yourself. He’s very patient, understanding, honest and friendly. We have had many valuable coaching conversations which allow me to really consider my options. I am indeed very grateful to Bola. I have put in the time to note down my regular income & expenditure, this has allowed me to make some changes and hence save on my life policy & groceries. I know exactly how much disposable income I have for savings & debt clearance. Also, I now have a plan with timelines in place to clear all my credit card debt. Before moving on to clearing my mortgage and becoming debt free and financially independent. I am more disciplined with budgeting & sticking to it too!
Bola is our financial educator/coach whom we approached about investment options. As part of the process, he took us back to financial basics by doing a game plan in respect of our finances ie regulating our budget and paying off our debts by educating us. With his motivation and encouragement, we are now completely debt free and are more prudent in the way we manage our finances. We now have more disposable income It is an amazing feeling. Bola is genuinely passionate about helping families become debt free and improving their finances. He actively listened to us and encouraged us to consider our situation so we could make the most suitable choices in respect of our financial future. We highly recommend him and will continue to have him as our coach.
Rob & Sally

Dear Believer

Have you wondered why your month is longer than your income, where what comes in goes out faster than a dog going for a walk?

“Where is all my money going?” you may ask.

Well, the majority of it is likely going to finance one or more debts. 

Debt is a form of slavery! 

A life where everything you do has to be planned around the repayment of debt. 

It’s not where you want to be. You want to live a good life with no care in the world, free from worry about debt. 

Feeling secure in knowing that tomorrow will be better than today … and next week even better than this week!

The best part is it’s easier than you think because everything has been laid out for you … all you have to do is follow the simple steps that will be provided in the 3-Day Challenge and you will be able to eliminate your debts once and for all!

It’s time to take action and break free from the hold that debt has on your life and your future. 

It’s time to be a slave no more. 

Sign up for the Debt Mastery 3-Day Challenge today!

Bola and The Church Challenge Team 


Believers Should Be Free From The Shackles Of Debt Which Is Preventing Them From Fulfilling Their God Given Purpose!

NOW IS the TIME TO break free from debt slavery and gain freedom over your finances

Got A Question?

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a different question, just email me at and I’ll do my best to help.

A challenge in an online experience where we all go on a learning journey together. In a challenge, we meet up virtually (in our case in a private Facebook Group and/or private studio space online) where we explore topics and themes that impact our lives.

Unlike an online course where you might explore ideas individually and in isolation, we will explore them together… And unlike a presentation, there is space for live interaction and commenting. In fact, the more you engage and contribute, the more fun the experience is for all! Have a story to share? Post it! Got a question? Type it out as we go live! We will answer as many as we can in real time!

One of the stand-out features of a Challenge is that there is always the opportunity after each session to take action – a little step forward in the right direction – and then share in the group how you felt and what happened and what roadblocks came up. Our FB group is private and exclusive, so only members can see who has joined and what has been shared. One of the best bits of this experience is that others get to cheer you on because we are all in this together. It’s a wonderful way to experience community, be inspired by others, be encouraged and cheer others on. Sometimes one of the most valuable outcomes, are the connections made and friendships created.

Our Challenge officially lasts 3 days where we will run our live interactive sessions for just a single hour each day. We know life can be hectic and we’ve streamlined everything so you can get the most from the shortest time possible.

To find all our Challenge content you will need to access our private Facebook Group. Everything will be posted there and we will live stream into the group too. To make the most of this experience, it’s best to turn up live… If it’s possible to carve out just an hour of time for just you, that would be perfect, but it’s also not a problem if you can’t and life gets in the way…

Our live sessions will be streamed into our Facebook Group every day. 

To get the most out of watching any replays click fully on the video. Then join in the conversation as if you were there live. Post your own comments or observations and you can also tag your comments with #replay so we’ll know to keep a special eye on your posts. You won’t be the only one watching on replay and still we’ll be engaging with comments even after the live session – it will still be a fun and engaging experience.

Don’t worry if you need to miss a session. All our sessions will be available to view in our Facebook group so you can watch (or re-watch) sessions right until when the Challenge finishes. Please note that our Challenges are time-bound and time-limited events! So content is not indefinitely available.

Sign up and we will also email you links to our recordings hosted on YouTube. As with our FB recordings these will be available throughout the week of our event and then will be removed since our Challenges are time-bound events.

Our VIP Backstage Pass sessions are on Zoom. So if you’d still like to join in you can for our backstage transformation sessions.

The challenge content will be available for the duration of the challenge and for a few days after the challenge has ended. 

If you would like lifetime access to the valuable challenge content, then please sign up for the VIP Backstage Pass which includes lifetime access to the challenge content

You can ask questions during the live training and in the private Facebook Group. 

The Team will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as practically possible. 

No you can not join later.

However, you can obtain the recordings of the training and sessions to watch at a more convenient time by signing up for the VIP Backstage Pass. 

This event is PAID because we believe that some investment is required in order to ensure that people take action. 

Transformation comes through application, and having some skin in the game moves people from information consumers to implementer and action takers.


TIME SENSITIVE: In this 3-DAY Debt Mastery challenge you will get LIVE INSIGHTS & TRAINING from Bola Olajide starting on Weds 16th Nov 2022.

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