Wings of Freedom


God is overwhelmed with compassion for you. It is His joy to make us spotless, to take away our guilt and sin; to take it as far away as the sun sets where we don’t have to remain tethered to it anymore and where we are released into the open waters of freedom and grace. He sees us like a swan. Swans mate for life; so loyal to their partner. God’s greatest desire is for us to follow his ways, to draw close to him. A swan has their wings of freedom, tucked into a heart on their back just as God draws us close to His heart… and when He does, we can’t help but be changed, to bow in wonder and love before Him; to marvel at the works of His hands; to understand that we are worthy of being His for life – and that our life is His.

Psalm 103 (TPT)
With my whole heart, with my whole life,
and with my innermost being,
I bow in wonder and love before you, the holy God!

Yahweh, you are my soul’s celebration.
How could I ever forget the miracles of kindness
you’ve done for me?
You kissed my heart with forgiveness, in spite of all I’ve done.
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