Now is the absolute best time to Re-Energise!

Learn how to boost your strength, vitality and energy levels with our 3-day online faith-building experience

Join the 3 Day Re-Energise Challenge (Value £297) starting Thursday 27th May for FREE!

Get 3 Days of Live teaching, training, coaching, ministry and prophetic input from ministry and church leaders who have decades of experience walking with God.

Learn what Kingdom-orientated experts in health and fitness are doing right NOW to boost their strength and energy levels after COVID lockdown.

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland..." (Isaiah 43:19)

Discover God's ways for increasing your overall vitality and energy

Understand Kingdom principles for building up your strength

Unpack how physical healing in the Kingdom is accessed

Learn simple tools and techniques that can help you de-stress & rest

Explore Heaven's keys for dealing with illness, hurt and injury

Consider Biblical principles that can help you steward nutrition well

Dear Faith-Filled Believer,

Have you been feeling a little tired or weary these days?

After all we’ve been through, it’s not surprising that we might be tired or weary, and not at our physical best…

And with Summer approaching, there’s no better time to explore what God has to say about our physical health and well-being– and get a Heaven-inspired boost! Have fun exploring Heaven’s perspective and strategies for supercharging our sense of vitality and energy!

Ready to explore Heaven's perspective and strategies in supercharging your energy level?

Of course, we don’t have to obtain Olympian stature or physique… but before we are called to our eternal home there is work set aside for each one of us to do! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel physically fit for purpose, no matter what we are called to?

Sadly, we can be full of comparisons and competition. Shame, guilt and fear can really hinder our motivation and hope. We have all had times when we are not strong or physically able – often through no fault of our own.

But why are some people able to bounce back faster than others? And how do we reconcile our faith to hopes of healing and restoration when we are in suffering and pain? And how do we move forward without feeling as if something is wrong with us when we fail?

I love what Graham Cooke once said, that “God doesn’t see anything wrong with you – just things that are missing from your experience with Jesus.”

Fearfully and wonderfully made...

I believe that God wants to do something in us, and for us in the next few days ahead. This is why I’m really excited about our FREE 3-day Re-Energise Challenge.

A few small tweaks guided by faith-filled experts and ministry leaders and medics, can be the very keys you need to feel more motivated and equipped and ready for action.

  • Would you like to delve deeper into God’s wisdom for building up strength, health and fitness?
  • Would you like to feel prepared, physically, mentally and emotionally for whatever might lie ahead?
  • Do you dream of living life to the full and of stepping more fully into everything God has set aside for you no matter what the world throws at you?

Why not take a few hours out to explore what God has to say to you in our FREE 3-day Re-Energise Church Challenge? Click the link below to learn more! Re-charge, reset, re-energise!

Much love Mits x

"Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." (Isaiah 40:30-31)

Not able to take part on all sessions live? NO PROBLEM! Join our group and you will be able to watch the replays for as long as the challenge lasts!


TIME SENSITIVE: The 3 Day Re-Energise Challenge is a Live and Interactive Online Experience that begins on Thursday 27th May 2021. So Sure To Join This Challenge NOW While It’s Still Available.

Hear stories from

Real & raw lives that have walked with God...

Lisa & Phil Crosby

Lisa & Phil are Church Planters, Missionaries, returning to the UK from Myanmar to take up post as Church Leaders of Darlington Vineyard. Lisa's mission is to to LOVE GOD. GET HEALTHY. BE WHOLE and LOVE OTHERS.

Warren Furman

Warren, better known as Ace from Popular 90s TV game show Gladiators, is now a Gladiator for the Gospel heading up the Christian Ministry Aceactive with his wife. 'ACE' (Active Christian Evangelism) works with local church and schools and loves to bring communities together.

Dr. Caroline Lennox

Caroline has always been hugely interested in the pursuit of health & wholeness, not least in her work as a GP for the past 25 years. She is looking forward to diving deep into what this might mean for us as we lean in on our faith so we can emerge from this year like no other.

Paul MacKenzie

Paul is currently studying theology and scripture. He has a big passion for God's word and understanding how the Kingdom works. He has served on prayer ministry teams and led church services as a facilitator and coordinator at Clifton Parish Church, York.

Darrell and Anthea Cocup

Darrell and Anthea lead the Sozo team at Life Church Bath. They are UK Facilitators and trainers, and with Liz Gregg, founders of the Sozo for Couples ministry. Darrell is author of “Wonderfully Free” the 31 day post-Sozo devotional journal and co-author of “Starting Out”, “Going Deeper” and the Sozo for Couple's manual.

Alan Brilly

Alan is passionate about discipling others in an authentic way. He is a Christian author and Coordinator for Christian Vision For Men. Now working in Adult social care, Alan use to run homeless charity ROOF, and has been an active member of Street Angels and YWAM.

Jo Parkins

Jo lives in York and has served on numerous prayer and prophecy teams. Jo is a stay at home mum who lives with chronic fatigue. Jo is passionate about using her prophetic gift to speak deep into hearts to bring God’s love to places of pain.

Rev. Becky Allright

Becky is presently working in rural Yorkshire as part of the Parish of Carlton and Drax and the Pioneer Priest/Assistant Curate. With a heart for Special Need Individuals and a passion to see Church more inclusive, Becky is pioneering a retreat program for Summer 2021 on the theme of Rest and Reset.

Shaun Sutcliffe

Shaun spent 30 years as a police Detective Inspector and founded the North Yorkshire Police Christian Police association. Since then Shaun requalified as a Sports Massage Therapist and helps others heal and live life free from discomfort and pain.

Karen Fowler

Karen worships at Holy Trinity, Ripon and is part of the Northern Prophetic School of Supernatural Ministry. She is a designer and artist; and she loves to hear the Father’s heart for His children, and to communicate this creatively through prophetic artworks.

Liz Gibson

Liz is a member of the Belfrey York and has a passion for prayer and leading small groups. Nine years ago Liz became involved in teaching "Freedom in Christ" and now heads up the SOZO Ministry at the York House of Prayer.

Kevin Baker

Kevin belongs to York Community Church and has a deep desire to see the church built up through the gift of prophecy. He spent 25 years in the third sector specialising in autism, mental health, challenge behaviour and headed up the substance misuse team in the criminal justice system.

Mits Griffin (Host)

A member of Clifton Parish in York. At heart Mits is an entrepreneur and creative digital marketer who loves to build digital spaces and platforms where ministry leaders can share their message. For this event Mits will be your host.

Experience Real and Fast Transformation

I have really missed a Condensed Christian community. By this I mean the kind of community you find at a New Wine Conference, so one is emerged in encouraging, blessing, spiritual, learning, practical atmosphere where nearly everyone knows Jesus and its normal! So you get a spiritual battery charge that carries you through to the next to time. These sessions felt like a super boost to my spiritual batteries by being with, learning from and just hearing others who know and love Jesus. That what I loved.
Challenge Member
I loved being able to watch and listen anytime
Challenge Member
I thought it was all masterful... thoroughly, thoroughly, enjoyed.
Challenge Member
I loved the enthusiasm of everyone involved.
Challenge Member
The talk answered a question I have had for years. Many thanks
Challenge Member
I loved the energy and fun style of the event. The good teaching and the challenging questions to ponder on. I really enjoyed it and am very grateful for the exciting content. Thank you so much that I could join in.
Challenge Member
I feel something has shifted in my mind. I feel a genuine new sense that God cares about me and will always look after me which I wasn't feeling before. I am doing declarations in the shower about God's love for me. I do feel reassured that whatever pains and difficulties I have to go through The Lord will always be there for me. So thank you to all of you for your great teaching and faith.
Challenge Member
The message floored me... and have a ton of notes as the Holy Spirit and Word revealed things to me. I'm formulating it all now, but it added a lot of missing pieces to my recovery puzzle...even Sun Tzus quotes about knowing your enemy, yourself or neither and how it affects the battles outcome. Recognizing and renouncing lies and replacing with truth...very powerful! I need to go reread my notes and get into prayer.
Challenge Member
I liked the variety of panel members, with different stories and experiences. I appreciated their openness and honesty.
Challenge Member
I really enjoyed it. It made me think, I took an awful lot from all the speakers. I find I keep coming back in my mind to the things that were said. It has made me more aware of God speaking to me in so many ways. Thank you so much.
Challenge Member
Thank you so very much for running the Church Challenge. I found it such an amazing experience, I learnt so much, and it was so wonderful and faith-increasing to hear other people's experiences and stories (something that doesn't often come my way!) Before the week began, I remember praying that I felt a bit stuck in my faith, and throughout the whole week it was as though God was reaching into my life, drawing me closer and setting me free. I'm really so grateful to have had this opportunity, thank you so much!
Challenge Member

A challenge in an online experience where we all go on a learning journey together.

In a challenge, we meet up virtually (in our case in a private Facebook Group) where we explore topics and themes that impact our lives.

Unlike an online course where you might explore ideas individually, we will explore them together. And unlike a presentation, there is space for live interaction and commenting. In fact, the more you engage and contribute, the more fun the experience for all! Don’t agree? Comment! Have a story to share? Post it! Got a question? Type it out as we go live! We will answer as many as we can in real time!

One of the stand-out features of a Challenge… is that there is always the opportunity after each session to take action – to take a step forward, give something a go, and then post in the group how you felt and what happened. Our group is private and exclusive, and at the end of the Challenge, the group is archived.

One of the best bits… is that others get to cheer you on – because we are all in this together. So it’s a wonderful way to experience community as we all move forward bravely.

Yes. This challenge is TOTALLY FREE! All our welcome whatever your level of faith,  background or financial situation is. 

If you would like to donate and help finance future projects we’d be ever so grateful. All our activities are self-funded, driven by pure passion and a calling from God. Some of our team are not in ministry and are not issued a church wage, so any funds raised will bless our team members enormously.

If you would like to make a donation please do through our Donate Page.

Our Challenge officially comprises 5 sessions spread over a few days where each session last just a single hour.

If you have commitments, but can log into Facebook and listen to the challenge as it unfolds, please do! You don’t need to be any place special or dress up… just log in as you are. It’s better to keep up because even if you can’t always concentrate or focus on the entirety of the session, you will have a sense of making progress which is half the battle!

To find all our Challenge content you will need to access our private Facebook Group. Everything will be posted there apart from our special Backstage Pass session which are held on Zoom. To make the most of this experience, it’s best to turn up live… If it’s possible to carve out just an hour of time for just you, that would be perfect, but it’s also not a problem if you can’t and life gets in the way…

Our live sessions will be streamed into our Facebook Group every day of the challenge GMT. Don’t worry if you need to miss a session. All our sessions will be available to view in our Facebook group so you can watch (or re-watch) sessions. Please note that our Challenges are time-bound and time-limited events! So content won’t be accessible afterwards.

To get the most out of watching any replays click fully on the video. Then join in the conversation as if you were there live. Post your own comments or observations and you can also tag your comments with #replay so we’ll know to keep a special eye on your posts. You won’t be the only one watching on replay and still we’ll be engaging with comments even after the live session – it will still be a fun and engaging experience.

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