Attention Aspiring Christian Fantasy & Science Fiction Writers

Might enjoy writing? Don't know where to start? Like to learn some tips and tricks for characterisation, story-planning & worldbuilding? Wondering if this be your God calling? If so, this is for you!


One of the biggest hurdles any Christian faces is finding and building community. One of the biggest challenges a writer faces is finding other writers who ‘get’ them.  We are looking to build both: Christian fellowship for creatives.

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TIME SENSITIVE: In this 3-DAY challenge you will get LIVE CONTENT from Colin Murugiah – Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worldbuilder and Author, absolutely FOR FREE starting on Weds 14th December at 12pm PST | 1pm MT | 3pm EST | 8pm UK.



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You were inspired for such a time as this. If you love fantasy & sci-fi and love Jesus, this Challenge is FOR YOU!

Join your writing coach Colin Murugiah for 3 FREE days of live encouragement, discovery and inspiration, as we explore the world of fantasy and sci-fi writing.

This all starts on Weds 14th December at 12pm PST | 1pm MT | 3pm EST | 8pm UK.

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Meet our events team

Write Your World team
Colin Murugiah

Meet your mentor

Colin Murugiah

Bio: I’m Colin, and I’ve been writing for over twenty years. I specialise in fantasy, particularly in worldbuilding, but I also write science fiction and a whole host of other subgenres, including LitRP.

Are you a writer who knows others who write or want to write? Bring them along! Is there someone you can bless with a simple invitation? Would you like a free worksheet as an incentive? Yeah, I hate those things, too – have a free worksheet anyway!

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Our Mission – to inspire & equip

This world needs more Christian and Kingdom-inspired Fantasy & Sci-Fi Writers to reach the next generation and reclaim our genre - and our world - for Christ. He is the Author and our Helper and will guide us in all truth: we are learning at His feet. If you agree, join us!


In Need of Inspiration?

Before working with Colin, my worldbuilding fell flat. My characters, though heavily developed, had no environment to interact with. They were just acting on an empty stage, basically. The setting around them was not a direct part of the story itself but rather a faint painting on the back. With Colin's coaching, I understood the big importance of worldbuilding, first of all. I had always felt like it was something I could just leave aside, but now I realize it isn't. It intrinsically relates to the characters and the plot, almost becoming a character in and of itself. Colin's well-directed questions opened a world of possibilities I hadn't thought of, giving way to much more conflict, scenes and plot points (and twists) to a previously underdeveloped story. While before I felt the lack of ideas to keep the plot progressing, now the worldbuilding has actually given me a lot of things to play with, a lot to explore to create a much richer and deeper story.
Aspiring Fantasy Writer
I found Colin thanks to the whims of social media algorithms, which showed me a post about his fantasy and science fiction masterclass ten days too late for me to attend. I left a comment lamenting the missed opportunity, and Colin was kind enough to let me know he'd be teaching further classes. I've been stagnant in my writing for a couple of years and lacking hope or motivation to do anything about it, so I told myself I didn't have time to attend and took weeks to respond. Colin didn't forget about me. He messaged me to ask how my writing was going and if he could help. I admitted I was stalled and putting it on the back burner. I expected him to just tell me when his next class was. Instead, he asked me to share my current idea so he could provide some quick tips to help me. I gave my elevator pitch and my struggle to decide on an external conflict. Colin spent about an hour asking me insightful questions about my story world, its culture and history, and suggesting potential conflicts I could weave using those elements. He had an amazing ability to spark several possibilities from each idea I was considering, and yet I never felt like he was taking over my story. After one conversation, I finally feel like I have something to work with and enjoy exploring my story again.
Sara E. James
Aspiring Fantasy Writer

Challenge Schedule!

There are exercises every day, so grab a pen, and let’s get writing!

There is also a daily prize for everyone who joins us live, so you won’t want to miss it!

Day 1

Day 1

Characters! Characters, characters, characters, welcome and introduction.

Day 2

Day 2

Worldbuilding! Here are the nuts and bolts of putting together a world. Learn how it ties into Day 1 and Day 3.

Day 3

Day 3

Story! The narrative! Plotting! Scheming - all those fun twists and turns, plus the dreaded plot hole and overcoming block!

Dear aspiring writer,

I don’t know you or where you’re at, and you don’t know me. You know nothing about me, where I come from, or what I have to offer, so give me a few moments of your time and let me share a few things about my journey that may inspire and encourage you.

Perhaps like you, I desperately wanted to be a writer. Or perhaps, you have this inkling you just can’t shake. Or maybe it’s a desire, almost whimsical, or maybe it’s a burning passion. Well, I’ve had all of those.

I also know what it is to be fresh-eyed and full of joy and hope and have huge plans and dreams… and then get to bring my pen to paper. And it’s great! It is the most amazing feeling, like nothing else. There are other feelings too, but being in the flow, that creative zone where everything comes out of you effortlessly – who doesn’t live for that as a Creative? Maybe you’re not there, but you’ve got that spark in you. Maybe you’ve had it and lost it. I have been through both. I also know how to accelerate, expedite, and bring that flow.

But there’s also another part to this. That’s what is lovingly known as ‘block’. When the flow is blocked, sometimes it’s you, your day; you can’t focus, you’re too stressed, tired, or even bored. That is an awful feeling, especially when you set aside time to write, limited time and… nothing. I know this, too, and I know how to overcome it for me. Maybe those same things will overcome it for you, maybe not. We’re all different.

But let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about plot. Your journey. You’re here, wherever here is, and you want to ‘reach the finish line’. What’s that look like for you? A book, finished? Many books finished? Is that published or unpublished? Is it an author lifestyle? Because if it is, there’s a lot to consider, and that’s where most of us begin to break. I do, anyway. I hate marketing. Seriously. I despise it. I also hate agents and editors and publishers – well, not hate hate, but the idea. I just want to write, yet here we are. To finish stuff, we have to go through things we may not like or know how to do. But first, we have to write the thing or else talk ourselves out of it.

So, here’s the rub. Do you know how to write? I didn’t. No, I don’t mean write as in basic grammar and spelling. I mean write with an authentic voice and – hold on there, don’t start feeling overwhelmed and ‘I can’t’. Or maybe it’s ‘heck yeah!’ See? I don’t know you. But you know you, don’t you? Do you know you? Actually know you? Do you know your own voice? Do you know how to harness that voice? Can you write with that voice and then write different voices too? Different voices are your characters, your journeys, your world or worlds. Everything has a voice. Let’s find and refine yours. I had to with mine.

I believed I had to do it all on my own. Well, I was right and I wasn’t. There are things I can’t do on my own, and some things I had to learn for myself by myself because what others were telling me was wrong for me. Some things will be wrong for you. Sifting through that is the art of being a human. Overcoming it is essential for succeeding in your ventures. Or, you know, just copy everyone else and don’t stand out. That works for some folk too. I’m not those folk. I hope neither are you. Be you. Write your voice. Don’t know how? Don’t know where to start, or how to middle, or that other stuff you really don’t want to think about – or maybe you’re an ace at sales and marketing already, and if so, that’s fantastic. Maybe you can lend me a hand! But for the rest of you… I can help because I’ve been there. I am there. I am a writer, and I know what that means. I know what living it means. Finding that rhythm, that pattern of working, those get up super early, write stupid late, do afternoon 15 min stuff – I’ve tried all that stuff—even the whole dream journal thing. I’ve tried regular journalling, plotting, planning, outlining, free writing, blah blah blah. And somehow, I have found what works for me, and I’m willing to work with you to help you find what works for you.

Let’s figure out how you write, and let me guide you through the process of identifying where you struggle and how you can improve in those areas, and when the time comes… we can help with the editing and the marketing, the webpage and the social media. Why? Because you should be writing, not faffing around with this nonsense that stops you from writing.

So, who am I? I’m Colin, a writer who loves to write and loves helping others write what’s in their heart.

Colin Murugiah

“There's so much more to the wonderful genre of fantasy than sex and violence. It's time for Christian writers to take a stand and inspire a new generation with what is possible with God"

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A challenge in an online experience where we all go on a learning journey together. In a challenge, we meet up virtually (in our case in a private Facebook Group and/or private studio space online) where we explore topics and themes that impact our lives.

Unlike an online course where you might explore ideas individually and in isolation, we will explore them together… And unlike a presentation, there is space for live interaction and commenting. In fact, the more you engage and contribute, the more fun the experience is for all! Have a story to share? Post it! Got a question? Type it out as we go live! We will answer as many as we can in real time!

One of the stand-out features of a Challenge is that there is always the opportunity after each session to take action – a little step forward in the right direction – and then share in the group how you felt and what happened and what roadblocks came up. Our FB group is private and exclusive, so only members can see who has joined and what has been shared. One of the best bits of this experience is that others get to cheer you on because we are all in this together. It’s a wonderful way to experience community, be inspired by others, be encouraged and cheer others on. Sometimes one of the most valuable outcomes, are the connections made and friendships created.

Our Challenge officially lasts 3 days where we will run our live interactive sessions for just a single hour each day. We know life can be hectic and we’ve streamlined everything so you can get the most from the shortest time possible.

To find all our Challenge content you will need to access our private Facebook Group. Everything will be posted there and we will live stream into the group too. To make the most of this experience, it’s best to turn up live… If it’s possible to carve out just an hour of time for just you, that would be perfect, but it’s also not a problem if you can’t and life gets in the way…

Our live sessions will be streamed into our Facebook Group every day. 

To get the most out of watching any replays click fully on the video. Then join in the conversation as if you were there live. Post your own comments or observations and you can also tag your comments with #replay so we’ll know to keep a special eye on your posts. You won’t be the only one watching on replay and still we’ll be engaging with comments even after the live session – it will still be a fun and engaging experience.

Don’t worry if you need to miss a session. All our sessions will be available to view in our Facebook group so you can watch (or re-watch) sessions right until when the Challenge finishes. Please note that our Challenges are time-bound and time-limited events! So content is not indefinitely available.

The challenge content will be available for the duration of the challenge and for a few days after the challenge has ended. 

You can ask questions during the live training and in the private Facebook Group. 

The Team will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as practically possible.

For greater support you will have the opportunity to join our Saturday WIP Masterclass where you can benefit from direct 1-2-1 coaching in a group setting.

Sadly not. Our events are time limited events.

Time sensitive


It's time to Write Your World!

TIME SENSITIVE: In this 3-DAY challenge you will get LIVE CONTENT from Colin Murugiah – Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worldbuilder and Author, absolutely FOR FREE starting on Weds 14th December at 12pm PST | 1pm MT | 3pm EST | 8pm UK.

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